July 2015

Defending Jacob by William Landay is a must-read.

This will not be a long post. Just let me say that after putting down this book last weekend, I wanted to scream from the roof tops. Listen up everybo..read more


July 2015

Good morning world.

been away so long. I know I uploaded a short post last month, but before that, I was gone for nearly two years. It may seem to a lot of you as if I we..read more


June 2015

Life on the Farm

Here's a little update on what I've been doing this last while. Apart from working hard on my next novel, a suspense novel titled Scar Tissue, I've be..read more


August 2013

Live Young!

Three years ago I did it. I’d had it, you see, with spending two or more hours at the hairdresser every third week. I’d had it with having rich da..read more