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Posted July 13, 2015

been away so long.
I know I uploaded a short post last month, but before that, I was gone for nearly two years. It may seem to a lot of you as if I went to sleep and never woke up. To tell you the truth, I almost wish that was it. What really happened is that my husband and I decided to prepare for our retirement. Well, that preparation was more work than I ever imagined. First, we decided to sell our big house in the city. That might not have been so much work if not for the ten years of accumulated stuff we had to get rid of first.

Selling the family home.
If anybody has ever had to stage a family home in preparation for selling, they will know what I’m talking about. Piles of stuff to the Salvation Army, more piles to the garbage. Rearranging furniture and closets, paint touch ups. It might have been easier to empty the place and bring things we wanted to keep back in. Anyhow, it got done just in time.

Buying somewhere warm.
Our next step was to buy a lovely home in Florida. We closed on it last July, and then I spent the better part of five months setting it up from my home (yes, the one we were selling) in BC Canada. That meant hiring painters, electricians, carpenters from a distance, communicating to them what I wanted, and then approving everything online. I did all the shopping online. Arranged deliveries for somebody to be there when the furniture arrived (piecemeal.)Talk about headaches.

A girl’s party/not.
Then a bunch of friends and I converged on the place to see to the details. You know, little stuff like taking all the furniture that was piled up to the ceiling in the garage and arranging it. Getting rid of three truckloads of boxes and carton and packing. Having pieces assembled. We also had to do the linens, small appliances, pots and pans, dishes etc. One day we filled eleven carts at Bed Bath and Beyond.
The girls and I were there for one week, thinking we’d have plenty of time for a couple of dinners out, maybe a couple of hours in the sun. No such luck. By the time we went back home, we all needed a vacation.

Vacationing at last.
A couple of months later hubby and I spent a lovely winter there. Not to say there wasn’t still a lot of work to be done, but at least most of it had already been taken care of. The kids came down. Friends visited. We had a grand old time–most of the time. That is, until somebody got into our second home in Canada (We also own a farm) and squatted there for nearly a month. But that’s a story for another time.

Thanks to the internet.
My husband and I must love doing things from a distance because we also dealt with the sale of our primary home while we were away. Offers went back and forth by fax until we had a deal. We returned to Canada the second of April to a mad rush to prepare for the closing on the sale.

The real hard work.
If I thought staging was a lot of work, organizing the move was a nightmare. We had to get 6000 SQ FT of furniture organised to go to A) the farm, B) Florida and C)in storage. It took two full months. By the time I was done, I was done. You could have dropped me on a gurney and rolled me into the mortuary.

So this, folks, is why you haven’t heard from me in such a long time.
I am writing to you from our new main residence, our farm, in BC Canada (yes the one where that crazy woman squatted for three weeks.)
On a happier note, I’m almost finished with my next novel (I’m keeping the title and subject a secret for now.) and already planning another, and I promise you will hear from me more often from now on.

Bye for now,

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