Ahh, the fabulous life of a published author.

Posted June 19, 2013

Time has flown by once again. Since my last post, I spent the better part of my time editing. For anybody interested, that is what the real life of a published author is all about–editing, editing and still more editing.


Whenever a manuscript is sent in to a publisher, the first thing they do is have it read by a few editors, at least two and more often, three. This first read is for what is called a story edit. This is where an editor decides what they think should be improved. For example, if they think a story is too dark, they might suggest softening it with less drama, or maybe by adding some lighter scenes. They then send you back your manuscript covered in red ink. The edits are all done with the edit program which is a part of Word for Windows. When I get it, I have to go through all their notes and make the changes. I once had an editor tell me that they loved the story, loved the characters, loved the relationship between the characters, but didn’t really like the murder. Could I please take the murder out of the murder mystery? Another time, I submitted a manuscript written in the present tense. My editor had me change it to the past tense. Sigh. All part of the job.


Once the story edits are done, the next round are the line edits. The editors comb through the manuscript, line by line, word by word and correct spelling, grammar and syntax. Then you get it back and make the changes. Here, I should add that an author doesn’t always have to change every single thing their editors suggest. In some cases, they might correct grammar you purposely wrote a certain way because that is how your character speaks. It really is up to you. But since I’m not a famous author–yet–I take most of their advice. Good news! The last manuscript I submitted was pretty much accepted the way it was. The story edits were minor. Yay.


Once the line edits are done and accepted, you usually get the manuscript one last time before it goes to press. This is so you can go through it again and make certain every last little detail has been caught. Once this is done, off to the presses it goes.


Oh, there are other things that usually need doing before the book comes out–review the text that goes on the back cover, make sure your author bio is up to date, and approve the cover art.


Once all of that is done, a few months before the novel comes out, they send you copies of the galleys. These are printed copies of your novel, but without the actual cover. You are to send them out to book editors and promoters, critics and bloggers and then you keep your fingers crossed that they all like your book and promote the hell out of it.


So here’s to hoping everybody likes my latest novel, Looming Murder, which I wrote under the pen name, Carol Ann Martin.smiley


Please be a doll and let me know. 😀


Bye for now

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