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Posted May 19, 2013

Some days, no matter how much I want to, I just can’t seem to string two words together. Today was like that. I ended up staring at my screen, willing the words to write themselves and getting nowhere fast. Normally when I feel this way, I head for the kitchen and cook. There is nothing like the aroma of baking bread or cookies to fix the doldrums. But baking has become a bit of challenge lately. I was recently diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, which means, no more wheat, barley or rye. Any bread and pastries I want to eat must be gluten free.


Have you ever eaten cardboard? Well, the first few times I bought gluten-free bread, cardborad was pretty much what it tasted like. I couldn’t imagine having to spend the rest of my life without ever again enjoying warm baguette, or delicious cake or cookies or pie. No, I decided that was simply not an option. So I rolled up my sleeves and went to work until I came up with some damned good recipes. Anyhow, the only reason I’m telling you all this is that since I couldn’t write today, I ended up posting on my cooking blog. So if you’re at all interested in cooking gluten free, please join me on Skinnyrecipes.com. I post new recipes more and more often as my trial and errors seem to be coming up successful more often than not.


And by the way, I know you’ve seen the cover of my latest novel, Getting Skinny, but I just wanted to point out something cute. Did you notice the stove? Doesn’t it look just like my old cottage stove? Don’t you just love it?


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