What I do when I’m not Writing.

Posted April 14, 2013

My husband would tell you that when I’m not writing, I’m eating. But I beg to differ. I spend way more time cooking than eating. I’ve always loved to cook, especially to bake. Maybe that’s because I love pastries and bread so much. (When we went to France in 2007, I gained six pounds in five days. Good grief was the food there delicious!) Anyhow, I love cooking so much that about five years ago I started a website called Skinnyrecipes.com (That was shortly after my Paris trip. I sorely needed some skinnying myself.) So imagine my shock last November when I discovered that I have Celiac disease. That means I can no longer have gluten. What! No bread? No pastries? No pasta? For a few days I seriously considered living with the discomforts and health problems of celiac just so I could have my daily bread. You have to understand. I LOVE bread. I could live on it.


After thinking on it a bit I rolled up my sleeves and embarqued on a quest to transform all of my favorite recipes into gluten free versions. Under those circumstances, I couldn’t very well continue with my skinny recipes blog, so I eraced it and gave it a new life as SkinnyRecipes.com for a gluten-free diet.


Well! I don’t know if gluten free is the new thing, or what. But the site has been going like mad. YOU have to understand. This is just my onw little tiny site, where I post a couple of recipes every week,and in only two months it’s already got over 5000 visitors. Isn’t that incredible? So if you want to keep in touch somewhere else that on my author site and get some cool recipes to boot, feel free to drop by skinnyrecipes.com.


Love ya.

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