Just one more post about Getting Skinny

Posted March 12, 2013


Hi y’all,

Not sure if you know this, but my new novel, Getting Skinny includes a few of my favorite skinny recipes. A few lifetimes ago, I used to be a fashion model. Even back then keeping my weight off was a constant struggle. I no longer need to be as thin as I used to be, and I’m perfectly happy weighing twenty to twenty five pounds more than my model weight. But staying at that weight is even more of a challenge these days, which is why I came up with a few fabulous low-cal dishes, and I’ve included them in Getting Skinny. I hope you enjoy them.

Anyhow, enough about Getting Skinny. Next week I promise to tell you all about my next book, Looming Murder, written under my pen name, Carole Ann Martin and coming out in July.

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