Getting Skinny

Posted February 04, 2013

When people ask me about the inspiration behind Getting Skinny, my answer always surprises them. The idea for the novel came to me when my beloved little Yorkie, Jackie Chan, died. Her death was so sudden, so tragic, I was left reeling. When I managed to catch my breath after a long period of grieving, I decided to write a book using her as one of the principle characters. This way, her memory lives on. This morning, when the book became available for download on Amazon, I was happy to read the first review:
The characters in Getting Skinny are fun and well developed. Nicky is charming, witty and full of self-deprecating humor. Toni is the money behind their business venture and she is a wonderfully supportive friend who has a cliché for just about any occasion. But the supporting character I enjoyed the most is Nicky’s dog Jackie Chan. She is too cute for words and Nicky’s scenes with her just cracked me up!
Jackie, my little friend, I miss you still, but I’m thrilled to know that my readers will read you, and will fall a little bit in love with you too. You are still in my heart.

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