Getting Skinny is available on Amazon. Yay!

Posted January 21, 2013

Nothing is as exciting to an author than having a new-book launch. And as of a couple of weeks ago, my new novel, Getting Skinny ihas been offered on Amazon at a pre-publishing price. All that means is that if you pre-order, you pay a lower price. I so, so hope everybody likes it. (Please let me know.)
Now that I did my self promo, let me tell you how this book came about. Five and a half years ago, my little dog, Jackie Chan, died in a tragic accident. I was so heart broken, I must have cried for a year. (I still get a bit teary eyed when I remember the terrible accident.) A few months following her death I decided to write a book, featuring her as one of the principal characters. I had to keep her alive somehow and this seemed to be the best way I could think of. I have to say, I did a really good job of it. The Jackie Chan in the story has nearly as much personality as my beloved Jackie did. By the way, some of her scenes really happened The skunk scene, for example, actually did. I’ll never forget the face on the clinic attendant’s face as he told me that, no, she was NOT dying. She had only been sprayed by a skunk. Who knew that fresh skunk spray smelled like a strong chemical? I didn’t. I was sure she’d gotten into some terrible poison or something. Oh, the bottles of Skunk be Off I went through. LOL

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